Friday, September 22, 2006

Last Press. This will probably be the last Taghkanic Press you will see in the store in Taghkanic. The reason for this that I find that parents have been sending there children into the stores to steal the papers and when they don't have the children doing it they themselves do. So to all you new comers I say welcome and understand that this is the type of trash that you now have to live with. It's the same type of low humanity that wants it their way or the highway, the same type of trash that wants you stay in the dark and not know, or care, what is really going on, it's a kin to that type scum that would march poor people of to slave labor or just gas'em. Yes you surly can't judge a book by its cover and you shouldn't judge Taghkanic by its esthetics. New comers and old residents alike need more then ever to take an active roll in local government. You need to start petitioning the Board for the removal of people like Hermance, Rochler, Challahan and anyone else that Young has appointed. You need to keep a close eye on Cindy Hilscher and her councilman husban Bill that they don't change the town from Youngsville to Hilscherville, hell we already know that Cindy Hilscher can 't be trusted to tell the truth. Looking at what's coming out of this racetrack caper you would have to ask yourself was Richard Graham and Taghkanic Press right about Hermance, Rochler and Callahan? Is he right about Young? I leave my loyal readers with this. I will still post from time to time on the blog and in the google new group so that maybe I can save a child in Taghkanic from going to jail later in life because he learn from his parents how to steal of course there is no guarantee that this type Taghkanic zygote won't become a state trooper or a sheriffs deputy. Liars and thieves with clean records are just what State and County are looking for to become Cops.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Young Loves the races. No doubt Supervisor Young just loves this controversy over this racetrack . Hell! She has probable as fallen in love with Wilzig. With all the hoop-la swirling around wilzig's racetrack people will forget how she and the assessor Art Griffith were caught cheating on her assessments and hiding land from the tax roll. Who is going to pay that money back? That's what I want know. The sham about this whole thing is that Taghkanic sleeps while Young pick your pockets. Do you people have any idea what Betty Young as spent in attorneys fees in her private war against Richard Graham, its staggering! And its your money she spending not hers. Wake up folks don't let this lame duck run the town into the ground or we may have to rely on Mr. Wilzig for some revenue from his racetrack.
Racetrack Caper I wanted to take this time to comment on the notorious, racetrack caperin Taghkanic. I could not help but to break out into laughter when I read Wilzig quote inthe paper stating that Barber Hermance, his broker, and the Taghkanic Chairof the ZBA told him a racetrack of any kind was not permitted. Does Mr.Wilzig really think that we're all just asleep at the wheel?Sure I believe that Hermance told Wilzig that a racetrack is prohibited. But I also believe as may other do that Hermance told Wilzig that there wasnothing to stop him from extending his driveway, or putting in a trail forpersonal use through his property. Oh yes Mr. Wilzig, there is no don't in my mind that a public official with such a reputation for using her position to aid her customers and decive the public would help you find the "loop-holes" as there called, a specially for the big-buck customers. Personally, I don't care about your track or what you do to destroy the characteristics of Taghkanic, but I do care that your playing the political card game now and that effects me in my backyard. I personally think that Mr. Wilzig statements were aimed at pulling Barbara Hermance's fat out of the fire and with Robert Rochler, Hermance's buddy, now chairing the Board, Wilzig wants to appears as what they call in some circles a "Stand-up Guy." Give it Break Wilzig! There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Wilzig will get his racetrack, it will just be at the cost of the taxpayers AGAIN. And for those of you like Sam Pratt who may think that Code Enforcement officer, Dennis Callahan is doing a bang-up job. Lets remember how long it took him and how much arm twisting went on before he issued the 'order to remedy'. Oh yes Mr. Pratt, take a good look at how Callahan handle the illegal pond in the "Save the Church caper". And Hermance was involved there too. I believe Callahan and Hermance were helping Wilzig every inch of the way and every Board member knew what was up or at lest suspected. Wake people and ask yourselves, how could a project this big, and so out-in-the-open, go on for so long ( almost to the point of completion) without as much as peep from our Supervisor. Say! who nows Maybe Mr. Wilzig can put Rochler in his pocket along with Hermance after all Rochler is a NYS state Cop too. Richard C. Graham

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Love those Connecticut Democrat's . Wake up Taghkanic and take a lesson from the Democrat's in Connecticut. They didn't fool around with Joe Lieberman who was sucking up to the Bush administration, they canned him and that's what Taghkanic needs to do with to their Democratic committee people Cindy Hilscher and Cheryl Rogers. Lets face it folks you cant have Cindy Hilscher posing as a democrat with her husband sitting as a Republican Councilmen, working in the Republican controlled sheriff's office. Anyone that has lived here in Columbia County for any length of time, and as bothered to pay attention to the politics, knows that if Cindy Hilscher pushes to hard her husban the councilman will be looking for a job. Bill Hilshier who works as a corrections officer at the Columbia County Sheriff's office knows he as to tow the Betty Young Line. Do the democrat's really want someone like Cindy Hilscher who lies to police about physical assaults on residents in order to secure a few cheap votes? I think not. Or was there more to her lying. Maybe she did it for husband, the Councilman who seems to enjoy poking fun at people with physical disabilities. Do you want someone like Cheryl Roger, who in the last twenty years could not find a candidate to run against her friend, neighbor and meal ticket Betty Young. Its time for the democrat's to clean house and force a primary. Its not a big deal. It only requires about thirteen signature and two real democrat's to force Hilshire and Rogers on to a ballot. Now lets look at some facts here, these two committee people could not move off their lazy adipose tissue long enough to go out and find a candidate...Just one candidate for this years election to present to the caucus. Instead were now in the dark waiting for them to cut a deal with the Republicans. We can't continue to have Republicans in disguise like Cindy Hirshire and Cheryl Roger controlling the destiny of Taghkanic democrat's. We can ill afford to allow this primadonna attitude of send us your resume. We need committee people that will get on that phone and start calling Dem's and talking to them about running long before caucus time. We need people with backbone not backtalk and lies. Come on Dem's! Thirteen signatures to force them out. Keep that in mind for next year and check with your Election Board for dates details.
Start your engines.... Yes! I could not help but break out into laughter after reading John Mason coverage on the Taghkanic race track own by Mr. Wilzig, particularly the part that notes that the Zoning Board may not be able to raise a quorum because of a "real estate relationship" Does the name Barbra Hermance ring a bell with the local papers? If not let me enlighten you. She is the chairperson of the Zoning Board of appeals and the owner of Land Source Reality. Before I go on let me say I totally support what Mr. Wilzig want to do with his property. Personally I don't think he should incur the expense putting any special mufflers on his bikes to reduce sound or play suck-up to a bunch of neighbors that don't have the backbone to call for Hermance resignation. You have to hate the game, not the player. Seem this project has been going on for a year and our local politicians are just now getting involved or lest pretending to get involved. I can assure the public as a former public servant (official) that Supervisor Young probable knew exactly what was going on and likewise with Dennis Callahan the Zoning enforcement officer. There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Hermance and Dennis Callahan were walking Wilzig through this project step-by-step while the good folks of Taghkanic set powerless. Well folks stop crying the blues and suck it up. A good play for Wizig right now would be to offer up some hunting or fishing to rights to some Zoning alternates and public officials like little Jimmy Romain and lets not forget that Robert Rochler, Betty Youngs son-in-law also sits on Zoning Board. My comment to Mr. Wilzig is, don't worry! Its in the bag, you made all the right moves. And to the residents of Taghkanic I say you deserve everything your going to get from this project for not getting involved when Hermance uses her authority to cause financial harm to applicants that she has an ax for and for letting her sit in conflict against applicant before the Zoning Board. Oh Yes you deserve everything this project brings to for not getting involved in your local caucuses and ridding yourself of the political scourge that is running your Town. I wasn't surprised to see Hermance flushed out of the pocket, nor should anyone else be surprised. Maybe now you'll pay attention when I speak to you of the inner workings of the Taghkanic government. This project may bring some jobs into the area, somthing Young as failed to do.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Democratic Leader of Taghkanic Cindy Hilscher, caught lying to cops. It only took a quick FOIL requisition to obtain the documentation to show that CINDY HILSHER is nothing more then a Betty Young when it comes to telling the truth. Cindy Hilsher who witnessed the attack on Richard Graham by Joe Romain lied about what took place. Also as seen in the attached documents the low life of the Planning Board, Charles Chinusano, was also lying about what happen. It seems the only person who was truthful to any degree was Richard Osborn, Good for you Mr. Osborn! When will the Taghkanic Democrat's understand you can't go out a scrap the gutter for leaders like Hilsher. When will the people of Taghkanic realize the Planning Board has killed their own credibility. The question now is what kind damaged as Hilsher done to the Democrat's and why. Was she sent by her Republican Husband, councilmen Bill Hilisher, to torpedo the parties efforts. Or do they have plans of turning the Town from YoungsVille to HilshersVille. Knowing now what I know about Cindy Hilsher and that she employed by the Hudson River Bank &Trust company you can be sure that I'll be contacting the them to find out if Cindy Hilsher as accessed my account. And I would recommend every resident of Taghkanic with and account at this bank do the same. Columbia County Sheriff's Deputy hides evidence. After a FOIL request was submitted to the Columbia County Sheriff it was found that the returned information was missing a vital piece of evidence and that was a copy of the article written in Taghkanic Press a Blog. This document showed that Romain did have a motive to attack Richard Graham at the Planning Board meeting and would have showed the District attorney that Romain had no intention of being friendly. Does it surprise anyone that the Republican Sheriff's Department would protect the controlling trash in Taghkanic. With up coming election the people should be asking the The District Attorney Beath Cozzolino if she not sending innocent people to jail base on evidence that hidden away by the Columbia County Sheriff's office. Or does her office allow this for her Republican friends only. Lets call her and ask her is she is allowing criminal conduct to exist for only her friends in Taghkanic. Young and Griffith caught again. How much will the people allow, or better yet, why would they allow Young to continue cheating the tax payer. See the attached document and notice that after Young was exposed by Taghkanic Press the assessor a Art Griffith finds 14.9 acres of property not on the assessment role for 2005-2006. But how long was Supervisor Young and Judge Young not paying their fare share of the tax burden. And where is the five acre parcel that's shown on her subdivision map did it just disappear. It seems very funny to me that Young and Griffith can just make land appear and disapperar with the stroke of a pen or when the heat is on. Let the people decide. ANYONE WISHING TO VIEW OR OBTAIN COPIES OF THE INFORMATION HEREIN CONTACT RICK AT 851 2920 or e-mail the cost is .25/sheet. P.S. Pay attention Columbia County Press this is how its done.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Taghkanic, NY Joe"Crazy Joe" Romaine's assault on Resident declared Unfounded By the Republican's sheriff's office, Welcome to Terror Town USA. Was there any doubt in anyone's mind that the vicious and unprovoked attack, that left a resident and author of Taghkanic Press suffering in pain, would be covered up? Many long time residents who know "Crazy Joe" are left wondering about his statements to the Registered-Star stating, that he "Prays for Mr. Graham to find his way". Anyone knowing Romains reputation as a so-called sportsmen, also knows that the man is praying for Mr. Graham to find his way out in front of truck. Although the pain and suffering I experienced after the attack is slowly healing it was worth it to exposed the Taghkanic Planning Board for what they are, which is nothing more then a gang of small town punks. One can only wonder where did Crazy Joe learn how to sucker punch and who coached the Board members to lie about what happen. It should come as no surprise that when you have State cops, State prison guards, and Republicans on the Boards that these types of behaviors will surface. But there is something here that warrants further investigation by the good people of Taghkanic. We need to ask ourselves the question is "Crazy Joe" Romain receiving massages from God? Is it God and the Catholic church that tells Crazy Joe to strike out and silence the mad demons of Taghkanic Press? I guess if your catholic its OK to lie about your intent to cause harm and inflict fear, seems all "crazy Joe" has to do to is walk to the confessional and say "forgive me father for have sinned, I told a lie". He says a couple of our father's and a few hail mary's and presto a priest relieves him of sin and crime, but not of his insanity. Why should we as resident expect anything else. Our Supervisor, Betty Young is a documented liar under oath and a thief who as been cheating tax payer for years and possibly frauding the system. Our Town assessor, Art Griffith, who helped Young hide a five acre parcel from the tax rolls your years was ticketed for harassment after attacking a 12 year old child for skate boarding in the parking lot. Our zoning Board Chairperson and local land developer Barbara Hermance uses her position on the Board to commit acts revenge on those that oppose her, costing resident and tax payers thousands in attorneys fees. We have zoning Board Member and NYS State Cop Robert Rochler who may have been conducting illegally background checks on residents that come before the zoning Board, and let us not forget the secret communications that Rochler and Hermance were holding with the Towns attorney about applicants before the board. And now we have Karen Gaylord, Planning Board Chairperson, who husbands construction company prospers on subdivisions, witnessing an attack made by one of her board members on a resident and refusing to comment. To top it all off we now have the Democrat's shatter our hopes and dreams for open government when their leader Cindy Hilshire prevents people from speaking at a public hearing on land development that directly effects surrounding residents and business owners. So welcome to Taghkanic new comers and investors, welcome back part-timers, and if you want your land subdivide see some of Planning Board members, offer them some hunting rights on your property. And don't forget when digging that foundation or that perk pit Karen Gaylord's the one to see. And if your buying large parcels to develop the Zoning Board Chairmen Barbara Hermance is the one that can get variance and sail you through the planning Board, but you better have deep pockets these folk don't come cheap. Welcome to Taghkanic, terror town USA Go to google new groups and search Taghkanic Press for more on Taghkanic corruption.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Taghkanic Planning Board silences the voice of Gun owners. Cindy Hilscher who seemed to be chairing the Board while Karen Gaylord was still reeling from shock over one of her Board members physical attack on resident Richard Graham showed her true colors toward gun use in Taghkanic. Although Graham would later start to feel the delayed effect of his attacker, Joe Romain he stayed to speek at the public hearing, However the voice for open government, Cindy Hilscher had other plans. Hilscher stop Mr Graham and refused to let him speak at a public hearing. Each time Mr. Graham, who is one of the land owner directly effected by the Ship-to-Shore subdivision project started to speak he was constantly interrupted by Hilcshire. Each time Graham brought to light that his property, which is directly across from the Ship-to-Shore development project, would be discharging firearms as part of a business and recreation Hilschier constantly interrupted prevent Graham from finishing his prepared statement. Hilscher, who claims to be this proponent of open goverment stated that she was not going to let it become a forum. Hellooooooo Cindy!, anybody home! that's is exactly what a public hearing is, it is a forum that grants individual taxpayers the right to heard, (Americans Cindy), can stand up individually and voice their concerns over a particular matters that may effect them. In this case it was a land development project, being presented by Barbara Hermance, Chairperson of the Zoining Board and owner of Land Resourse Reality, that was occurring on the boarder of the Graham property. Graham states "The Town of Taghkanic has deprive me and every gun owner,Target Shooter, Hunter and business owner in Town of our right to heard and voice our concerns on matter that may have a direct and negative in pack on us." Hilscher is underhandedly preventing the people that may purchase lands and build homes here accesses to the facts that there are many gun owners in Taghkanic and we discharge those guns lawfully whenever we feel like shooting. Isn't it ironic that here we have Cindy Hilscher, the voice from Democratic party, blurting out all over town that we need to have more open government and then shuts down peoples rights to speak at a public hearing. Oh By the way sportsmen, Cindy Hilscher is one of the people that help put together the Taghkanic town Survey.
Taghkanic Planning Board Member assaults Resident. Planning Board member Joe Romano, A.K.A "Crazy Joe" lived up to his reputation as a hothead at the June 12, 2006 public hearing. The attack, that was obviously premeditated from the time Romain read the scathing article in The Taghkanic Press (4/21/06) that named him and his son, sent resident Richard Graham to the Columbia Memorial Hospital with neck pain. The unprovoked attack came as Mr. Graham entered the Town Hall to speak at a public hearing on the Ship-to-Shore subdivision, being present by Zoning Board Chair and Land Developer Barbara Hermance. The Columbia County sheriff's office and the Columbia County District Attorneys office are now investigation the matter. The attack that was obviously witnessed By the Chairperson Karen Gaylord, and other members of the planning Board who are now in a state of white-washing the incident to protect the good-ole- boy " Crazy Joe". The Planning Board members which includes Cindy Hilscher, the voice of the democrat's for more open government apparently didn't see the chop that Romain delivered to Graham's neck or didn't want see it. Hilscher, acting more like the chairman, then Gaylord did intervened to break up the ruckus. After being question by authorities Romain did admit to placing his hands on Graham but denies using any force to cause injury. The question for the public to answer is why would Joe Romano or any other public official in Taghkanic want to put there hands on the neck or shoulder area of Richard Graham of Taghkanic Press? Could it be that Planning Board member Joe Romain is truly a violent psychotic or is there some other deep psychological issue a foot. Could it be that "Crazy Joe" is just trying to come out of the closet, but doesn't now how? Is he trying express his need for love by placing his hands on other men? I say to you Mr. Romain that I am NOT a gay male so I would not be able to help you with this touching problem you have. However, I am sure there are gay men throughout Columbia County and maybe in Taghkanic that can advise you and at the same time help you with your coming out of the closet. I would hope they call you at your home and explain to you how its done so that residents won't have to endure these outrageous behaviors and physically attacks by public official's again. If this is not a coming out issue with 'Crazy Joe' Romain, then it was a physical violent attack with the attention of causing arm and instilling fear and it should not be tolerated by the DA's office. The Question now is will Supervisor Young ask for Romains resignation from the Board or will she sit him on the bench with Assessor Art Griffith and wait to see if there's a 12 year old kid she want beaten in the parking lot or will she sick "CrazyJoe" Romain on someone in a wheelchair. The public should be outraged over these rising physical assaults we see in Taghkanic by public officials. These are the people that are supposed to be protecting us not assaulting us. And Barbara Hermance has the gall to submit letters to the Board saying as a public official she felt threaten by public comment opposed to her policies.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Resident Gun Owners, Hunters, Target shooters Take Warning. The Comprehensive Plan Survey is packed full of ways to stop hunting and shooting in Taghkanic if you don't respond. Remember the Chairperson of this committee is Barbara Hermance, who's anti-gun zoning Board was responsible for closing Whitetail Sports and threatens to close K&G Guns and Guide Service. This anti -gun Board as blocked federal firearms licensing throughout the town. Taghkanic Press suggest that you answer question #6 under other, write in Hunting, fishing and shooting. Question #9 next to other write, gun store and circle 1. (very important) Question #9 (Cont) under town service, next to other write Gun and Archery range Question# 10 next to noise pollution circle #3 not concerned Question# 11 next to sporting goods circle # 1 (strong need) and next to other, write in gun shop. Question # 14 I suggest you answer No to all . Question# 15 be sure to circle 1. next to open space. Question # 23 next to Town Board, Planning Board , zoning Board, Assessors and Building inspector circle #3 for not satisfied. Question # 28 write Deer population, open space and state park. Question # 29 Write in 1. Supervisor Betty Young, 2. Zoning Board Chair Barbara Hermance 3. Planning Board Question #31 write in 1. State Hunting property on new forge road and county route 10. 2. Lido's game farm. 3. JoJo's Pizza Question #32 write in 1. Town Hall Question # 33 Give 'em hell for eroding the second amendment.

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